St.Barnum – Indians Cows Behind Global Warming!?

Indian Cows Fart Too MuchCattle in India started getting blamed for global warming (Indian cattle fart too much!). UN and FAO got involved in this psuedo scientific study.

10% of the earth’s population, in the developed world (largely the western world), does not adequately price or cost the ecological damage they cause, into their production.

Indians Cows Fart Too MuchThe post facto price is borne by the rest of the world (90% of the world population). This damage is then inversely blamed on increasing population of the under-developed world!

An exquisite instance of acrobatics in inverting logic.Indian Cows Fart Too Much

By the 1990’s the Green lobby, global warming, Ozone layer, environment had become an fashionable issue. Kyoto protocol negotiations began. As usual, the Western world (led by the Anglo Saxon Bloc) dumped this problem onto the developing world.

Secure a greener earth – at the cost of the poor. This time even Third World animals were not spared.


About Anuraag Sanghi

Between State-funded and controlled academia and advertising driven mass media, getting an 'independent' viewpoint is difficult - if not impossible. 2ndlook posts work on giving you 'independent' slant.
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3 Responses to St.Barnum – Indians Cows Behind Global Warming!?

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  2. HI
    I found most of the blog entries very interesting as well as enlightening. I am a soft skills trainer in an Engineering group of Institutions in Jaipur, Rajasthan and I will definitely use the text of these entries in various training session.

    Keep Posting.

    With best of wishes!

  3. masculineffort says:

    Hahahaha! Those Nutty Europeans. Their own backyard is turning Islamic and instead of trying to counter that threat they keep clowning around in India with inane studies like that. How did we ever get conquered by these people?

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