St.Barnum Computes The Cost Of Dining Alone

Jefferson & Sally HemmingsOn April 29, 1962, John F. Kennedy, from the American Royal House of Kennedy, gathered 49 Nobel Prize winners at his palace, called the White House – to remind the Nobel Prize winners that it was “probably the greatest concentration of talent and genius in this house except for those times when Thomas Jefferson dined alone.” Many understood many unexplained chapters of American History – after reading this. John F. Kennedy was assassinated because he unveiled this secret.

After Kennedy’s assassination, the Vatican felt that the true Catholic, Christian, American Spirit remained only with PT Barnum. Hence, the Vatican decided to cannonise him. From now on, PT Barnum will be St.PT Barnum.

Jefferson's LoopholesSt.Barnum Explains

St.Barnum explained to me the importance of dining alone in American History.

Each time Jefferson dined alone, he got some great ideas – and that St.Barnum explained to me, lucidly, is the secret of American Success.

All Men Are Created Equal

His first great idea was excluding the Red Indians and Blacks from the ‘all men are created equal’ clause. I am not even started on exclusion of women. This was a direct result of dining alone.

The Consent Of The Governed

Next time he dined alone, talk started about ‘the consent of the governed‘. He obtained ‘secret Red Indian consent’ – a result of dining alone. Of course, his great work of fiction, called the American Constitution, allowed his successors to continue with this – there was ‘secret consent’ also in the cases of Haiti, Philippines, Cuba, Grenada, Panama – and recently in Iraq also. Modern liberals, peaceniks and other such flotsam and jetsam, don’t know anything about these ‘secret consents.’

Jefferson’s ‘invisible’ writings

Recently, (claims StPT Barnum) some unknown writings of Thomas Jefferson have been ‘discovered.’ Written using invisible ink, (claims StPT Barnum), these writings reveal the ‘true’ nature of Jefferson’s thinking. St.PT barnum with his ‘patented’ anti-propaganda technology, has been able to read the ‘invisible’ portions of the document.

StPT Barnum adds

Indians, remember!

As Thomas Jefferson, an Anglo-Saxon ideologue earlier said, “eternal vigilance is the price of liberty”. The rest of Jefferson’s tract, written in ‘invisible ink, said “If you are fools to trust us, are not vigilant, and gullible enough, we will come and enslave you, exploit you, loot you and rob you.”

Jefferson ended his tract in invisible ink, by writing “Now, all you reds, browns, blacks, yellows, greens! Don’t you ever say that you were not warned!”

His Greatest Idea – Liberia

Another time, he dined alone, the idea of sending freed slaves back – to Liberia. Never mind the cost to the local Africans – and the transplanted Blacks.

Sally Hemmings Was A Black Secret Agent

Jefferson's Blackchild in the coldA cabal of Black conspirators sniffed out Jefferson’s secret – his greatest ideas (listed above) came when he dined alone.What followed was diabolical.To stop further such ideas, they recruited Sally Hemmings on a suicide mission.

I have secret papers which prove this. This talk about slavery is just that – it is talk. And thereafter, Sally Hemmings was assigned the role of ensuring that Jefferson was never alone. Ian Fleming patterned James Bond after Sally Hemmings.

The Death Of JFK

This Black conspiracy against my Aryan brothers was exposed when I shared these secret documents with JFK – based on which he made this famous comment. His subsequent death obscured this conspiracy.

I am today in a position to reveal this, because, I have been given 20 Marine Commandos by George Bush personally – for my protection. This conspiracy has to be brought out in daylight.

I write this, safely, deep inside a cave, (which ‘Kikazaru’ Hillary Clinton cant bomb).
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