Aryan Invasion Theory – The Truth

'Then, once you discover what it is you are searching for, just type it into the search engine.' (Cartoon by Mike Baldwin).

'Then, once you discover what it is you are searching for, just type it into the search engine.' (Cartoon by Mike Baldwin).

Ever since my propaganda guru, PT Barnum was canonized by the Pope and became St.PT Barnum, he has become very busy. Needless to point out, no one, has ever been made into a Saint,  while still alive.

Envious people have started a rumor that my guru PT Barnum, died may decades ago. If he died how could he have started a blog of his own? He even has a few hundred followers on Twitter also. But, a humble man that he is, he has always given me time, to clear my doubts on various issues. I recently spoke to him about the Aryan Invasion Theory.

As usual he shed new light – and revealed facts, hither to unknown. Read on.

Q. Saintji, please tell me about the birth of Indian languages.

St.PTBarnum – While blond Aryan invaders, with White skins with blue eyes were conquering India, massacring the males, raping the women and taking children as slaves, rishis in forests and brahmans in cities and villages, learnt Sanskrit, Brahmi, Prakrit, Kharoshthi scripts from these invaders – wrote the complete grammar, memorized it entirely, found ways and means to transmit it from generation to generation, orally – in a matter of 300-500 years.

Q. Saintji, if these languages were learned from foreign invaders, how were these texts composed?

St.PTBarnum – In many cases, these texts were copied onto palm leaves. Soon, this copying of foreign texts became a national industry in India – and every man, woman and child was put to this task by India’s Brahmin elites.

That is how Indians landed up with crores of pages in classical texts.

Q. Saintji, if these languages and these texts were copied from foreign invaders, why did the Chinese, Lankans, Japanese come to India for this knowledge?

St.PTBarnum – It did not stop at copying of texts.

Indians were able to erase the memory of the origin of these texts from the collective memory of the world. The world soon began to think, that it was Indians who had composed these texts. Even the original Iranians, Greeks, Babylonians forgot about the origin of these texts.

Q. Saintji, so you are saying that Indians did not stop at copying these texts – but also erased memory from the entire world about the origin of these texts?

St.PTBarnum – These Indians used all these foreign languages to copy and then claimed to have composed more texts in these foreign languages (Sanskrit, Brahmi, Prakrit, Kharoshthi) than the rest of the ancient world, combined, could in their own languages. More than Egypt, Babylon, Assyria, Persia, Greece, Rome, Chinese – all of them put together.

Is this possible? Have you ever seen people so intelligent?

There is a ‘foreign hand’ I tell you. I have seen all the original texts in the Vatican library. The Pope showed it to me – after the investiture ceremony.

There is an ‘Italian Hand’ in this.

Q. Saintji, so you are saying that these wily Indian Brahmin did this. They copied the language, the grammar, the texts, erased the memory from the rest of the world, and ensured that the rest of the world credited them for all this copying?

St.PTBarnum – This is false.

These so-called Indian rishis and brahmans were also foreign.

How can Indians be so intelligent? Not possible. Most probably, these Blond, White Aryans with Blue Eyes came out from the forests of Saxony, combined with the Angles – became Anglo-Saxons – and civilized those unlettered, illiterate Indians.

Q. Saintji, what do you have to say to all those Indians who say that the Aryan Invasion or Migration did not happen at all?

St.PTBarnum – Completely ungrateful!

These … thesethesethese

Indians are trying to usurp the Aryan heritage from Europe. A prominent firm of American historians by the name of Farmer, Sproat & Witzel have proved that all this ‘learning came from the Aryan homeland – what was originally called Arya+upah=Europe’.


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2 Responses to Aryan Invasion Theory – The Truth

  1. senthil says:

    very good sarcasm.. enjoyed

  2. caprizchka says:

    Reblogged this on caprizchka and commented:
    Something to piss off the Aryans, 1950’s “traditionalists,” and everyone else for whom history began in the Twentieth Century. A bit of Indian humor.

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